Our portfolio


Money Transfer Platform

A payment project whose purpose is to transfer funds privately between the sender and the recipient worldwide in national or cryptocurrency.

The solution allows you to redeem stablecoin back by withdrawing the currency. All customer data is stored in a decentralized block chain.


Blockchain international container exchange system

An international platform that brings together professionals working in the field of transportation and logistics.

All transactions for the rental or sale of containers are recorded on the blockchain, which allows you to earn a reputation and transparency of transactions.

Tender platformBlockchain

Food purchases

The formation of a reputation index of all platform participants on blockchain technology. Transparent conduct of transactions between participants in a transaction without a corruption component.

An opportunity to start cooperating with new partners and export goods to anywhere in the world.


Social blockchain bonus distribution platform

A trading platform for selling tokens and managing accrued bonuses for purchased goods.

Blockchain Trading Platform

60% of issued tokens will not get on the listing of exchanges. The trading platform makes it possible to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat.

The guarantor of the transaction is Escrow smart contract.

Business management system

Standard web analytics and Excel do not provide complete data about the life of the company.

In modern business, there are many channels and processes with customers, therefore, a single analytical center that will collect and process all the numbers in convenient reports.

Target Click gives the business a software package for web analytics, a sales funnel, CRM system, IP telephony, cloud storage, website builder.

CRM-system for monitoring the work of employees

The mobile application allows you to tag the results of calls without using expensive IP-telephony.

The whole story is saved in the personal account of the CRM-system for further work with clients.

Gastro RunnerFood Tech

Food delivery service

Food delivery has become available thanks to the Runner service, which works according to the Hand-to-Hand model.

The platform enables shops and restaurants to have their own delivery service and increase revenue from new orders.

GrostoFood Tech

Food Trading Platform

Marketplace, which combines a large selection of offers from sellers of stores and retail chains.

GastrotochkaFood Tech

Social network

Find new friends by lifestyle and type of diet.

Collect and exchange the accumulated cryptocurrency for food and become an opinion leader.

Cooper BurgerFood Tech

Food Delivery Mobile App

The guys cook great burgers and want the app to be just as tasty for their customers.

Our task was to develop an application in which you could not only see the menu, but also order delivery.

GastrotochkaFood Tech

Mobile application for ordering food

Ordering goods, messenger, courier call with the ability to track the order on the map.

Menu selection and ordering dishes from your favorite restaurant.

AppassisIndividual solutions

Mobile App Designer

Making your own mobile application without programming knowledge is now real!

You need to select a ready-made template, widget from the list and publish it in the market for your customers.

PulsarIndividual solutions

Callback widget

The service allows you to double the number of calls from the site using Callback technology and special plug-ins.

InfocourseIndividual solutions

Educational online platform

To get an education has become available thanks to a unique distance learning system.

Students can watch video tutorials, take homework and tests with certificates.

PulsarbotIndividual solutions

Bot Constructor

Creating a chatbot for a business without programming skills with the ability to create scripts and accept payment for goods.

RunnerIndividual solutions

Mobile Delivery Application

A working application for couriers that allows you to select and accept orders with automatic construction of routes to the customer.

JustbuyIndividual solutions

Mobile application for ordering goods from China

Choosing and ordering products has become convenient thanks to integration with Taobao's global marketplace.

Dry Cleaning Network KIMSIndividual solutions

Dry Cleaning Network Mobile Application

Determining the geolocation to the nearest dry cleaning department and building a route. Call a courier at home and information on prices, promotions.

Spa BaliIndividual solutions

Salon mobile application

All services and prices with the function of recording appointments on time.

Bar BarDuckIndividual solutions

Bar's mobile app

Menus, promotions, calendar of events and buying tickets to them.

We have developed more than 30 mobile applications for various fields of business and are ready to implement your project.


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